Clēan Works Wins Prestigious Award for Food Safety

Clēan Works is proud to receive the Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence. The program supports and recognizes the dedication, hard work, and innovation of local agri-food businesses. These individuals add value to existing products, help create jobs, and contribute to economic growth.

The award was presented to Paul Moyer of Moyer’s Apple Products (founder of Clēan Works) and food microbiologist Dr. Keith Warriner for their work on the Clēan Verification process, which is a decontamination treatment and alternative to traditional post-harvest washing that uses ultraviolet light, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and ozone to kill up to 99.99% of pathogens on produce. But Moyer’s process is far more effective – it extends product shelf life, dramatically reduces spoilage, and lowers the costs of cleaning.

“Thanks to a new sanitizer pioneered by Moyers Apple Products, consumers can now reach for fruits and veggies with even more confidence. The caramel apple producer has developed a cleaning process for produce that’s even more effective than water-based systems.”

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Paul Moyer is a 9th generation fruit farmer in the Niagara Peninsula of Southern Ontario. He is the owner of Moyers Apple Products, based in Beamsville, Ontario, and established that enterprise in 1990.

Where Clēan Works Began

In 2014, the caramel apple industry was hit with a large outbreak of Listeria, dramatically impacting Moyer’s Apple Products.

Fresh produce, such as apples, are a considerable source of foodborne illness outbreaks. While on-farm good agriculture practices (GAP) largely contribute to preventing such pathogens from entering the fresh produce chain, these practices simply cannot be relied on due to the nature of farming and food processing. Post-harvest washing is the traditional method of cleaning produce, and was once considered decontamination, but is now understood to be a high-risk cross-contamination point.

Moyer’s Apple Products identified the clear need for interventions to remove field and processing acquired contaminations, since post-harvest washing is clearly ineffective. Such interventions are critical, as fresh produce is often eaten raw. Moyer’s Apple Products began a research partnership with University of Guelph food microbiologist Prof. Keith Warriner to develop a solution that could eliminate pathogens and ensure safe produce – Clēan Verification.

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