Decontaminating Table and Hatchery Eggs Using the Clean Flow Process

The Clean Flow Process uses technology that has been validated to decontaminate shelled eggs with no negative effects on embryo development or shelf-life. The technology combines hydrogen peroxide, ozone gas and UV-C light to create hydroxyl radicals which kill off harmful microbiological matter and disinfect the surface of the egg. 

Experiments were conducted first to test the efficacy of the Clean Flow machine using table eggs. Eggs inoculated with salmonella were treated in a Clean Flow machine and observed for 35 days to mimic the normal shelf-life of eggs. Eggs treated in the Clean Flow machine with a 5-second treatment of UV and ozone hydrogen peroxide achieved a >5 log(99.999%) reduction of the pathogen without negatively impacting the quality of the eggs or leaving any residue. When compared to eggs treated with a sodium hydroxide pre-wash and a hypochlorite post-wash, eggs treated with the Clean Flow machine achieved a significantly higher decontamination efficacy.

The table egg quality trials acted as an excellent precursor to the hatching egg trials, ensuring that the optimized treatment would not negatively impact embryo development or chick health. Dr. Keith Warriner and Brenda Zai at the University of Guelph completed two studies on fertilized eggs to test the effects of the Clean Flow process on embryo development and chick health. First, artificially fertilized eggs were treated by the optimized Clean Flow technology and then incubated at the Arkell Poultry Research Station located in Guelph. A second trial was executed with naturally fertilized Shave White Leghorn layer hens. The results showed no effect on hatching rates nor negative impacts on the cuticles while showing preliminary improvements in chick deformities. 

Clean Works has begun working with commercial partners from the barn to the producer, with initial results reflecting the results of Dr. Warriner & Brenda Zai. 

“The Clean Works technology is an extremely effective intervention step within many sectors of the food chain. Initial results exceeded expectations, and we would like to thank our industry partners for their support through the validation process.”

– Mark VanderVeen, President of Clean Works

The implementation of Clean Works’ technology increases decontamination efficacy while reducing water usage in the egg industry. 

Clean Works is an agri-food innovator that has invented a revolutionary process for disinfecting fresh produce, poultry and surfaces. The technology has been validated to reduce the number of pathogens, bacteria and mould, as well as increase the shelf-life of a wide variety of produce and inorganic materials. Clean Works has many types of equipment built around this patented sanitization process and has won many awards for its efforts in reducing food waste.

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