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Clēan Verification Benefits the Entire Food Supply Chain

Post-harvest washing, the traditional and current popular method of cleaning produce, was once considered decontamination but is now understood to be a high-risk cross-contamination point. Clēan Verification is a decontamination treatment and alternative to traditional post-harvest washing.

Fresh produce is a considerable source of foodborne illness outbreaks, such as E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and human parasites, among others. While on-farm good agriculture practices (GAP) largely contribute to preventing such pathogens from entering the fresh produce chain, these practices simply cannot be relied on due to the nature of farming and food processing.

There is a clear need for interventions that can remove field-acquired contaminations at every step in the food supply chain, from grower to retailer. Clēan Verification fills that need.

How Does Clēan Verification Help Critical Links in the Food Supply Chain?


Packers And Processors



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Reduce cross-contamination and comply with government regulations and retail requirements for preventative control.

Become more attractive to processors and larger retailers with Clēan and pathogen-free produce.

Packers and Processors

Eliminate pathogens for products without a cook step and increase shelf life. Prove you’re complying with government regulations and retail requirements for preventive control.


Eliminate pathogens, shelf life, and peace of mind regarding imported produce from developing countries. Prove you’re complying with government regulations and retail requirements for preventive control.


Protect the health of your customers, increase shelf life, and prove to public health agencies that you’re complying with regulations.

Clēan Works is a joint venture between Moyer’s Apple Products and Court Holdings Ltd.Moyer’s brings the grassroots understanding of the produce business and the drive to solve real-world problems for the industry. Court Holdings, a global manufacturer with a focus on innovation, brings the know-how to design processes and scale production. The Food Science Department at University of Guelph has partnered with Clēan Works to test processes and share results in peer reviewed journals.


We won the 2019 International Association for Food Protection Food Safety Innovation Award.