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Clēan Flow

Eliminate Pathogens with the Clēan Flow Process

The Clēan Flow Process reduces pathogens by up to 4 log (99.99%) on produce and containers.

The equipment requires minimal operator intervention. The Clēan Flow Process is ideal for larger volume applications, such as packers, processors, and wholesalers. The machine can be customized to work with your existing production lines, workflow, and capacity for all kinds of produce.

Produce is placed onto the sectionizer and moves down the conveyor belt and through the ozone chamber. Ozone is then generated and forced through the chamber with homogenous distribution. Ozone, airflow, humidity, time, and temperature are controlled throughout the entire decontamination process.

Once complete, the produce is then ready for further processing, packaging, or shipment directly to the customer.

Our Clēan Flow Process can decontaminate 10,000 lbs of produce per hour. The process takes less than 30 seconds.

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